Personal Public Relations Device (PPRD)

5Fm's DJ FreshDJ Fresh, of 5FM’s The Fresh Drive fame, has come up with a device which converts your public statement (written or verbal) into a clean, politically correct poetic verse. The device threatens to bring public relations to the people and take a large bite out of the PR market. The device was showcased on The Fresh Drive yesterday, June 11 ‘08.

Can’t hear the sound? Follow this link to listen to the new PPRD

Let us know your thoughts on this latest techno-gadget. Is it set to take the PR industry to new levels or will it bring our industry to its knees?!

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4 Responses to “Personal Public Relations Device (PPRD)”

  1. 1 Andrea Desfarges

    Hee Hee… If only it was really that simple!!!

  2. 2 Charles Cox

    Public Relations is all about pleasing the common people.”,”

  3. 3 Jessica Bailey

    Public Relations is very very important because this can either make or break a business or community.`*~

  4. 4 Joshua Taylor

    you should always maintain good public relations specially if you operate a business~~*

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