Tips For Increasing Your Publicity During The Holidays

While many people are off shopping, taking kids to the beach and enjoying their year-end holidays, newsrooms continue working (albeit with skeleton staff). Newspapers are still being printed, TV and radio slots still need to be filled and the journalists and producers still need content, especially content that’s different from all the normal holiday-season fare. However, as we go deeper into December, the media’s phones start to go quiet and the flood of emails slows to a trickle. This presents the perfect PR opportunity to pitch those tough stories that normally wouldn’t cut it during the busy news cycles.

The best timing for the best impact is to use the holiday time - especially around the public holidays - to actively pitch your stories. But even if you’re off sipping cocktails, there are still a few things you can do to passively help increase your holiday-time coverage:

- Don’t date your media releases. If it’s a story that doesn’t have a specific date attached to it, then it makes it easier for the journalists to slot it in during a slower news day.

- Ensure that all the facts are included, from where to buy the product and the price, or links to related research findings, to the industry expert quotes. You don’t want a journalist to have to ask for anything and then reach your “I’m on holiday” out-of-office reply.

- Many of the beat editors and journalists you normally deal with may be on leave and freelancers will be working in their place. Although personalised emails are the best at all other times of year, if you’re not sure if the recipient is going to be there, rather email your story to the newsdesk so that the relevant acting editors can still access it.

Good luck for all the publicity opportunities and … enjoy the holidays!

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