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Tips For Increasing Your Publicity During The Holidays

While many people are off shopping, taking kids to the beach and enjoying their year-end holidays, newsrooms continue working (albeit with skeleton staff). Newspapers are still being printed, TV and radio slots still need to be filled and the journalists and producers still need content, especially content that’s different from all the normal holiday-season fare. However, as we go deeper into December, the media’s phones start to go quiet and the flood of emails slows to a trickle. This presents the perfect PR opportunity to pitch those tough stories that normally wouldn’t cut it during the busy news cycles.

The best timing for the best impact is to use the holiday time - especially around the public holidays - to actively pitch your stories. But even if you’re off sipping cocktails, there are still a few things you can do to passively help increase your holiday-time coverage:

- Don’t date your media releases. If it’s a story that doesn’t have a specific date attached to it, then it makes it easier for the journalists to slot it in during a slower news day.

- Ensure that all the facts are included, from where to buy the product and the price, or links to related research findings, to the industry expert quotes. You don’t want a journalist to have to ask for anything and then reach your “I’m on holiday” out-of-office reply.

- Many of the beat editors and journalists you normally deal with may be on leave and freelancers will be working in their place. Although personalised emails are the best at all other times of year, if you’re not sure if the recipient is going to be there, rather email your story to the newsdesk so that the relevant acting editors can still access it.

Good luck for all the publicity opportunities and … enjoy the holidays!

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SA News Distribution Service Brings The Power Of Publicity To More Companies

A news distribution service has recently launched in South Africa, which now provides the most cost-effective way to send press releases directly to targeted journalists and editors, helping companies gain valuable media exposure. Media Alerts News Distribution will help journalists access relevant news, while helping companies easily distribute their news to all the right media contacts.
Media Alerts News Distribution uses the Encyclomedia media database, South Africa’s largest database of over 6 500 journalists, including all print, broadcast and online media, plus influential freelancers and bloggers.

Useful reporting: The service includes a report with the number of emails sent, plus a list of the media titles the release was sent to - useful for internal or client reporting and tracking of media exposure.


  • Publicity results are boosted by expanding the reach of the press release, with access to the largest database of contacts.
  • No need to spend hours researching to find the right media contacts, this has already been done by the industry specialist.
  • Press releases are personalised with the journalists’ names, making it stand out from the hundreds of general emails they receive.
  • The targeted approach means that the press release is sent to the right media contacts who are in the best position to use the information.
  • Press releases are formatted in the journalists’ preferred layout, helping them quickly find the information, key contacts and images.


  • R1 750 per release (includes one category of your choice)
  • R150 per additional category (over 30 targeted categories to choose from)

This is the most affordable way to individually contact every news outlet in South Africa.

If this is something that could help expand your media coverage, we’d be happy to give you more information. Find out more on our website: www.MediaAlerts.co.za/News-Distribution

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Media@SAfm Features Media Alerts

Robynn Burls talks to Ashraf Garda on Media@SAfm about Encyclomedia’s new service, Media Alerts. Listen to the interview and visit the Media Alerts website to find out more about this new free service.

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New SA Tool To Help Journalists And Benefit PRs

A free online tool is launching on Thursday, 21 May, to help South African journalists source relevant content for the stories they’re working on, by reaching a network of PR professionals who are in the best position to help.

Media Alerts will help journalists reach the people with the right contacts and information, whether they need people to interview, or facts and stats on a specific topic. Based on the American Help A Reporter Out concept, Media Alerts lets journalists receive the best selection of content in a short space of time.

How it works – leveraging networks
Journalists submit their specific requests online, which are then sent to the subscribers, who are mostly PR professionals. These are the people who have direct access to the CEOs, MDs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other networks that reporters need to tap into.

Through Media Alerts, the PR practitioners have access to highly valuable publicity opportunities they may never have known about. Plus, by helping journalists find the information they need, they are also building stronger media relationships.

Relevant content only
The PR subscribers have been given one rule though - to only ever send content that is directly relevant to the journalist’s request. Any abuse of this rule will see them being removed from the service.

The first Media Alerts will be sent on Thursday, 21 May. In the meantime, journalists can submit requests here and PR practitioners can subscribe here.

It’s an added-value Encyclomedia service, so there’s no charge for either side.

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Why Companies Need Media Training

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PR Success Strategies Video Preview

Check out this 30 second video of the upcoming PR Success Strategies For Your Business conference, taking place on 20 November 2008 in Cape Town. The video was created using Animoto, which is a great tool for turning your pictures into synchronised music videos.

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Talk About A Bad Subject Line

I’m sure you know how important it is to make your email subject lines stand out, especially considering that some journalists receive up to 800 emails a day - yes, 800! But the following subject line is not a good way to attract attention:

*********************************************[Company competition winner] Found! SHE’s one in a million!******************************************************

The journalist who forwarded this to me simply said “talk about a bad headline”. Yes, indeed, let’s talk about it.

Firstly, putting your name in stars doesn’t automatically deserve royal treatment from the media.

Secondly, who cares? I know that sounds awfully harsh and cold. It’s not that no-one cares about the winner, it’s that no-one knows the winner (except those people that do, of course). Journalists are looking for stories that can add value to their readers and give them something of interest or something newsworthy. Yet another competition winner is simply not newsworthy.

There are other angles that this company could’ve taken though. Considering that this press release was sent to a marketing journalist, they could’ve looked at the successful elements in the promotion of the competition. What created the biggest response, what made the competition stand out, why is this important to other marketers?

There are always various angles to any story. The trick is to match a relevant angle to the right audience. If you can get that right, the journalist will be happy to look at your content, with no stars and funny formatting needed.

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PR Success Strategies For Your Business - PR Conference

If you’re looking to expand your media knowledge and learn highly effective practical PR skills, then the PR Success Strategies For Your Business conference is not to be missed. This full-day conference is going to be jam-packed with invaluable insights into the media, best practices in PR and publicity success strategies. 

- 20 November 2008.
- 08:30 - 17:00.
- The Forum, Victoria & Alfred Hotel, Cape Town.
- Early Bird Special: R2500 until 3 November (R2750 thereafter).
Limited seats remaining, register here.


- The power of PR & how to apply it to your business.
- How to think like a journalist & understand the needs of the media.
- PR and publicity best-practices and success strategies.
- Top publicity and media relations tips, direct from journalists themselves.
- How to effectively pitch your ideas to journalists.
- Best media relationship building ideas.
- Top tips on using social media for business.
- How to use online PR to boost your exposure and reputation, plus online reputation management.
- A practical workshop session on mapping your message - how to define and fine-tune your core message to the media.
- Discover new publicity angles and story ideas.

Find more details on the conference and the speakers here: http://www.encyclomedia.co.za/events/.

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